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I’ve been incredibly lucky to find several amazing members of Team Canterwood that I’ve asked to join as an “elite” member. Elite members have different jobs from helping with Canterwood newsletters, Twitter accounts, brainstorming new ideas for the Website, being given first looks at Canterwood ideas, works, etc.


Lexi, 14, California

Bio and photo to come!


Grace, 13, California


Bio and photo  to come!


Hannah, Michigan


Biol and photo to come!


karlee4 Karlee, A., 14, California


karlee2     Karlee3

Karlee Abrahamian is in love with all things Shakespeare, horses, and autumn. She loves to read and perform Shakespeare’s works. Along with acting, Karlee also does musical theatre and loves to dance through life! Karlee also loves horses, with Arabians as her favorite, and hopes to become a rider one day.  She spends most of her spare time obsessing over makeup and clothes, reading, and singing like no one can hear her. Go Team Canterwood!
Follow her at @karleeabrahamia on Twitter.
Juliet C, NH
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Juliet Clark is a dedicated equestrian! She’s all horses all the time. She and her Irish Sport Horse mare, Shine, compete novice level eventing. Besides being consumed in her horse life, Juliet is an extreme animal lover. She has been a strict vegetarian for 8 years and enjoys playing and spending time with her three dogs, two cats, gecko and cockatiel. Juliet also loves baking and cooking and her fave shows are Pretty Little Liars, Chopped, and anything on The Food Network.
Follow her on IG @juliet.clark or @jceventing and find her Tweets @jjuulliieettt. 
Madison F, 12, Texas
Madison loves everything about horse racing and one day hopes to be a trainer. Her favorite colors are sky blue and neon green and she loves reading CCA (obviously) and Vivienne Taylor Mysteries. Her hobbies other than horses are writing (she’s currently working on a series), soccer, bike riding and training her two dogs. She can be found on her blog http://www.madisonfeldhahn.blogspot.com (or her racing one http://www.retamaruffian.blogspot.com) and her Instagram @retamaruffian.
Ali, M, 12
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Alessandra (Ali) Mason is 11 years old and has two homes: her house and the stables! When she’s not riding horses, she’s reading the best book series in the world (Canterwood Crest, duh!), practicing her clarinet, drooling over stuff at Dover Saddlery, or lounging in her room with her 2 puppies. Ali also loves baking and decorating everything she sees (If it’s going to be there, it might as well look pretty!). She’s additionally an expert on all things horse. She rides in the hunter-jumper division and plans on doing IEA in Zone 1 next year. Though she dreams long and hard about one day having her own horse, she mostly rides lots of different horses at her barn. Ali also loves attending Road’s End Farm, a horsey sleep away camp in NH, every summer to see all her friends. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @ali.mason04 to see a lot of pony pictures. Who doesn’t like pony pictures? Team CCA all the way!
Ellie, C, Ohio
Ellie has an 11 year old sorrel Breedstock Paint named Missouri Zoe. She enjoys grooming her and feeding Zoe her fave treat-Mini Wheats. Since she can’t take Zoe home with her, Ellie has a growing Breyer horse collection to admire. When she’s not at the stable, Ellie spends most of her time reading. Probably more than she should. She loves any books by Jessica Burkhart, James Patterson, Rick Riordan, and Ally Carter. Ellie also likes any book involving vampires, or the supernatural.  Actually, she loves any book that isn’t *shudder* classic lit. One thing Ellie has picked up from CCA is Sasha’s lip gloss obsession. Her room currently houses several dozen lip glosses, and her Breyer collection that  includes her favorites Charm and Aristocrat.


Elite team spots are open only to areas that have “holes” in my worlds of WCP, CC, Unicorn Magic, etc. If I’ve got some specific skills that I’m looking for, I’ll post an ad here and will give instructions on how to apply. 🙂



I am seeking someone who loves Webdesign and knows how to work with Godaddy’s Website tonight. No HTML expereince is needed, but you must have an eye for design, have designed a site, blog, etc. and be able to apply Website updates once a month. Please contact me with “Webdesigner for Elite Team” as the subject and email me at hartsforjess AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!

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