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Where am I off to on my unicorn next?


When: July 17-19, 2015
Where: Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY
What: BreyerFest
I will be signing books and model horses at BreyerFest! I really, really want to meet more Harts!
****Please note: You MUST purchase a ticket for BreyerFest to attend.
Details: HERE!


FRIDAY: 12pm – 1pm

SATURDAY: 1pm – 2pm

SUNDAY: 12pm – 1pm



When: November 2015 (date to come)

Where: New York City

What: Speaking and signing books

For more info, check out the film festival’s Website. I’ll send an email and post on my blog (as well as update here) when I know more.



Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
October 17th, Saturday 10am-4pm
NO tickets needed! It’s a free event!


This is THE page to find all of the book signings and appearances that author Jessica Burkhart has scheduled. She is the author of the best selling Canterwood Crest series, Unicorn Magic, Wild Hearts and the upcoming West Coast Prep from Dr. Phil McGraw’s company–Ghost Mountain Books.

Please contact Jess if you would like to have her speak at your school, literary event, library, book festival, horse festival, podcast, radio show, etc.

Jess has spoken at events across the country, numerous horse radio stations, her local CBS station, the Hampton Classic horse show, Book Expo America, the Decatur Book Festival’s Target Children’s Stage and more.

Jess is booking Skype classroom visits NOW for fall 2015 and spring 2016. If you’re a reader and you want Jess to virtually visit YOUR school, have a teacher, parent or librarian fill out the contact form below. Skype visits are a super economical way to have Jess visit without travel cost, hotel, etc. Some classrooms may qualify for a FREE visit if books by Jess are purchased.


7 thoughts on “Signings &Appearances

    1. dramarama1521

      Jess, I am going to talk to my principal but every yr @ my school they have author visits. They haven’t found an author for this yr yet but u r the perfect one to come! Do u want to come? Do u do school visits or just big events? Xxxxx <3

      1. dramarama1521

        Oh and jess? Our school is in Massachusetts so it’s not too far of a commute if u do school visits. If not than don’t worry abt it. But I’m sure our school would love to have u! I’ll email u deets as soon as I know! <3 u girly! Xxxx


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