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Jessica Burkhart
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16 thoughts on “Contact Me & Character Accounts

  1. Ellla

    Hello! I heard CC might become a TV show! Thats so exiting! I was just wondering if it did when it would come out?

  2. kate

    You are a awesome writer and I love horses crazy for them and I love lip balm. So I feel that I am connected with this book. Can you please email me please.

  3. issy

    hi Jess.
    my name is Issy, i am eleven years old. i love your books canter wood crest. i am up to 9 but i have ordered more. i think your a talented writer.i think your books are so cool they should be a movie series. i also ride horses in Australia. i am in pony but i have a dream to someday go to the Olympics.i know your busy but can you please email me…

  4. Mariah✌️

    Hi Jess.. Im 12 and i really like your book series ” Canterwood Crest” and Eric is my favorite!! follow me on instagram? @mariah_martin_02

  5. Anonymous

    Really? That’s so cool. Can’t wait to c the to show when it’s out. I think that’s true, btw. I so heart cc and heather fox!

  6. Anonymous

    Jessica, your books are fab. It’s my fave series. I know this is not likely and all, but Sacha and co. is so awesome. Can you write more? I keep on reading the books again. I think I’ve read them ten times each already! But I still love it so much! Sasha and co r the best.

  7. natalee

    I love cc it is my fav book I just started reading the first 1 again plz make more plz plz plz plz plz plz my favorite character is brit andlluatren and kcloe an sasha ok I guess thts not 1 but I couldnt choose Iam 11 by xoxo


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