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Catch up time!

It’s been FOREVER since I last blogged! Mainly, it’s because I’ve been super busy with a new writing project. It’s finally “finished” to the point where my agent take over so that’s been nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time.

Second, I moved from Cincinnati to Tennessee. I’m about 45 minutes from Nashville which isn’t bad at all. I’m from Nashville so being back in Tennessee kinda feels like a homecoming of sorts. I never envisioned myself back in Tennessee, but circumstances brought me here and I’m glad to be near N-ville again. Mostly, because my friend of a decade, author Amanda K. Morgan, lives in N-ville and we’ve been Internet friends for so long and have yet to meet in person!

That all changes tomorrow though! Mandy and I are attending SEYA or the Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival. I’m driving to Mandy’s apartment tomorrow and we’re leaving from there on a 45 minute road trip to Murfreesboro. So excited because my author friends Carrie Ryan and Maggie Stiefvater, among others, will be there. It should be fun! The event is FREE to the public so come if you’re in the area!

Jason, my younger brother, started his cancer treatment at Vanderbilt. It’s a top notch facility and he needs it for his stage 4 hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was going in three times a week for blood work but now is down to twice a week. It’s a scary time while we wait to see if this new experimental drug will help him or not. His cancer hasn’t responded to traditional chemo and radiation so please keep him in your thoughts.

I’ve been walking the line between trying to be as supportive as possible without being like, HEY! YOU HAVE CANCER BUT LIFE IS ALL RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS! It’s also been a learning curve living in the same house as adults. I moved away from home in 2009 and being back together has taken adjustment, but it’s been 99% smooth sailing. I’m embarrassed to say that there are days when I can’t deal with seeing my brother sick. My anxiety or depression has skyrocketed and I can’t mentally handle seeing him frail. I wish I was stronger than that. But I’m working on it.

Read the first chapter of TAKE THE REINS (Canterwood Crest #1) free online

So a Google Alert came up for Canterwood just now . . . and LOL! It’s someone named Rachael selling old copies of Canterwood! *crying laughing emoji*

I hope she sells them, I really do but it bring up the kinda similar problem of plagiarism or people posting author’s books online for free on places such as Wattpad. We, the writers, want to keep our jobs of writing and distributing the books in this way doesn’t help us earn enough $$ to keep writing for the readers we adore.

canterwood on craigslist


So, as a token of sharing, I posted the first chapter of TAKE THE REINS for people to share on Wattpad if they wished. Any of you guys on that site? If so, friend me! :)


Authors with mental illlness

Calling all middle grade, young adult, and chapter book authors!

I’m working on what I hope will turn into a big project and I need YOUR help!

If you currently or in the past, have suffered from any form of mental illness and are willing to share, please reach out to me. You can Tweet me @JessicaBurkhart or email me at jessica DOT ashley 87 AT gmail DOT com.

Please spread the word to your writer friends–this is a cause near to my heart and I can’t do this without you!