Hi, and welcome to my blog! My name is Jessica Ashley and I go by Jess. You might know me as “Jessica Burkhart.” That’s my pen name for writing.

Short version of my bio written in obnoxious third person: Twenty-eight year old Jessica Burkhart spent five years living in Brooklyn, NY before relocating to Horse Country, KY.

My dream? To start a line of office supplies! Pens, notepads, planners, calendars–everything! I’m obsessed with those things and have such a hard time finding EXACTLY what I want that it’s my dream to have my own line.


equal rights
purses (Steve Madden! Coach! Kohls! Jessica Simpson! Betsey Johnson!)
shoes (Ralph Lauren! Cole Haan! Puma! Asics! Madden Girl! Marc Jacobs!)
office supplies
sparkly things
reality TV
ASPCA/Humane Society of the United States

Fave Activities: 



Jess was an equestrian from the age of four to thirteen. While living in Greenbrier, Tennessee, she was incredibly lucky to have a boarding stable IN HER BACK YARD! She immediate climbed the fence and hopped onto the back of the first horse that came up to her. *NOT RECOMMENDED!! Jess was lucky that neither she nor the horse were hurt since Jess had no riding experience.

Eight-year old Jess wanted to take lessons, but money was tight. So, she started “Jessie’s Tack Cleaning Service.” She filled her family’s garage with saddles, bridles, halters and more–soon she had enough money for lessons. Jess concentrated in English, but most of her barn mates rode Western. Trying to do both sounded fun so Jess would barrel race for a half hour on Kabo, a striking black appaloosa with a white blanket. Then, she would hope on 17 hands high Arabian, Blue, and jump.

She was diagnosed with scoliosis at eight years-old and began wearing a hard plastic back brace. At first, it was for a couple hours a day. But as her condition worsened, Jess was soon wearing the brace 24/7. before she was forced to stop riding when her scoliosis got severe enough to require surgery in November 2000. During her recovery, Jess started writing. She penned the 20-book Canterwood Crest series for Aladdin MIX (Simon & Schuster). Her first young adult piece, TRUST IS AS IMPORTANT AS LOVE, appears in the anthology–DEAR TEEN ME. She is also the author of UNICORN MAGIC (a chapter book series summer Aladdin ’14) and WILD HEARTS (YA Bloomsbury ’15). Jess and her bestie, Bri Ahearn, own and operate ALL THAT GLITTERS. Their first e-guide hit Amazon in early 2014. They are in the process of planning several more projects. Jess is represented by the awesome Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. In addition to writing, Jess runs Cozy Cat Sitter. Jess is also passionate about photography. She’s photographed a wedding, dozens and dozens of cat and dog shots for Petfinder. She specializes in Feline Fotography. Right now, Jess is working on pages for a new tween series and writing the final UNICORN MAGIC book. WEST COAST PREP is Jess’s current passion project. WCP is similar to Canterwood, but set in LA, a little bit edgier, new characters to love to hate, best friends, backstabbers, and boys. The covers for WCP were shot by Joey Carson at ebaa5-jessica2bburkhart2btattooSo . . . a little about me. I’m 27 and live in Writer Terrace, Brooklyn. I moved to Brooklyn on April 5, 2009. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and I’ve lived in: Goodlettsville, TN Ocala, FL Waynesborough, VA Greenbrier, TN Cedar Hill, TN Springfield, TN Decatur, IL Lake City, FL Tallahassee, FL I’m now firmly planted in Writer Terrace, Bro c0b18-snapshot_20111028_8 I j’adore cats! I volunteered with a Humane Society when I lived in Illinois. I converted a chicken barn into a cat safe haven. At the peak, I was fostering 20 cats and kittens at once. These are my adopted babies! 2013-10-05 18.56.12 Bliss “Blissy” “Bliss-Miss”   IMG_8093 Bella (she’s a one-eyed pirate!) “Bells” “B-BOP” “BELLY”   IMG_8053 Khaleesi “Leesi” “Leelee” More about them soon!   I want to take a break from talking about me and I have to give a shout-out to my readers! I LOVE MY READERS AKA “TEAM CANTERWOOD”! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST AND I AM SO, SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU ALL IN MY LIFE! 55e3b-sb2 621dd-sb5 Team Canterwood spoils me with presents! 025ce-alicia2bk bf4ef-hahahahaahahaahahaahahahaha2b007  3f340-suz2bc2bw2bbook e9dd9-y51kf 0afbb-chosenkylag1 cea18-kaitlin2bjohnson d3350-p1010239302e8-caroline2bhd0a06-horse2bpicsc6df8-alica2band2bsassafrasd1835-sarah2bk2b2528alicia2527s2bsis2529b0352-photo2bon2b2011-05-062bat2b16-012b25233  159c8-andrea2bc_with_book  9a561-grace2bz 2bba5-liza2bk f3410-molly2bg 46f50-caty2bc 7284c-michele2bt  2609a-mckenna2bvd5738-jenna2bmf1a31-posing2bwith2bjill  I’m posing with “Sasha” aka Jill at B&N in 2010.   Okay, so back to the bio! CC box set Canterwood Crest has 20 books in print! They’ve sold over 500,000 copies! The first official Stable of Stores (TAKE THE REINS, CHASING BLUE, BEHIND THE BIT, AND TRIPLE FAULT) released in June 2014. ~**~** Canterwood is NOT over! E-novellas from Sasha and Lauren will start being ready to heat up your Kindle, Nook, iPad, computer, etc. soon! The first two are titled HEATED and SANCTUARY. Here’s a bit about HEATED: Forget “fun in the sun!” Canterwood girls are all about hard work–and the competition is about to get . . . HEATED. Date TBA!   OFFICIAL CANTERWOOD CREST STORE: Grab posters, T-shirts, hoodies–everything Canterwood in dozens of sayings and colors from Canterwood!   a4604-j27adoreccatee  429a1-horseae319-ilovecca 154cd-jumping     A dream of mine has come true! Breyer Model Horses created CHARM and ARISTOCRAT! They hit shelves in June 2014. If sales go well then more models will be made. 🙂 Check out Charmcharm   AristocratYou’ve gotta grab Miss Fox’s Aristocrat!   After writing Canterwood for seven years, unicorns seemed like a fab project to write next! I am finishing the fourth book in UNICORN MAGIC–a fantasy series for readers 6-9.         3c64a-unicornmagic231finalcover The first book, BELLA’S BIRTHDAY UNICORN, hits shelves on August 5, 2014. The second book, WHERE’S GLIMMER?, publishes the very same day. Both are coming out in paperback, hardcover, and e-book. What’s not to love about unicorns?!   a24eb-e5a7_canned_unicorn_meat_parts_diagramWIN_20140210_181014 That’s my winter unicorn hat!   Something that I love? SPARKLES. GLITTER. PINK. 6daae-th I have at least 5-8 glosses in my purse always. I love Lip Smackers and my current obsession is  Buxom Buxom® Full-On™ Lip Polish. I kind of want almost all of them. 🙂 🙂 🙂e8125-keep-calm-and-apply-lipgloss 14492-reginageorgeLove MEAN GIRLS!! I channel Regina George when writing mean girl scenes, haha.   I’m also into vampires! I HEART the TWILIGHT saga HARDCORE! 2013-04-20 17.46.17 I’m in love with Eric on TRUE BLOOD!2013-07-29 22.54.35 2013-08-27 22.14.07Also, #TEAMDAMON. Enough said.   Remember when I said that I looooved pink? Well, I put it in my hair! 2013-11-07 00.55.07 First try: Manic Panic in Cotton Candy. Jess HFC release photo Then Hot Pink. whatever 4 I kept up the pink theme in my apartment and I have this pink couch! I HEART it so much!pink couch BEAUTY/FASHION/HOME DECOR I’m a HUGE makeup/beauty fan. I wish I was a product tester at ALLURE MAGAZINE! I mix higher end stuff–Dior gray compact, MAC black eyeliner, and Urban Decay Naked palette with L’Oreal True Match foundation and concealer and CoverGirl mascara.  I love all of these things so much that I often sprinkle them throughout Canterwood books.

055b4-25ebtscoverfinalI wrote and e-published 25+ EBTS “ESSENTIAL BEAUTY TRICKS” (CHOSEN BY LAUREN TOWERS AT CANTERWOOD CREST ACADEMY.) It’s $2.99 and when you purchase this e-book and future e-books both non-fiction and fiction, you’re helping me be able to do what I love every day. If my e-books don’t sell well then I won’t write more. Totes up to you guys!

bef96-imagetest1The second e-novella that I published with my friend and co-writer, Bri Ahearn, is KEEP IT CHEAP AND CHIC: 35 WAYS TO UPDATE YOUR SPACE FOR UNDER $35.  It’s only $1.99! 🙂 More of these will come on various topics. Please e-mail any ideas for non-fiction e-books that you have. One of your ideas might be our next title! And guess what? Bri and I would put your name in the novella as the “title creator.”

60953-youngwriter I can’t wait to get started on this e-novella. It’s going to be several volumes. I have so much that I want to tell young writers.   photo (4) My “back” Writer Terrace. This is the view from my bed. See Manhattan? 222cd-img_3147   301e2-tumblr_muidhcnwqo1sy71huo1_400      great profile pic 2           oklyn.   BIO TO COME! 🙂 PHOTOGRAPHER


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  1. Wanda Lee

    Hi Jessica. I got the privilege to meet you at the Carnegie Center sleep over at the Joseph Beth Bookstore. I told you I would be following you and I finally made it. You gave me the good to take literary classes along with my creative writing classes, check.. done. I am so excited. I had slowed down on my reading, but guess what my professors are keeping me busy. I would love to put up a blog but I am scared to death. Maybe watching you for awhile I soon will be accomplishing that goal too. So proud of you. Keep up the good work. Wanda Lee.


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