Read the first chapter of TAKE THE REINS (Canterwood Crest #1) free online

So a Google Alert came up for Canterwood just now . . . and LOL! It’s someone named Rachael selling old copies of Canterwood! *crying laughing emoji*

I hope she sells them, I really do but it bring up the kinda similar problem of plagiarism or people posting author’s books online for free on places such as Wattpad. We, the writers, want to keep our jobs of writing and distributing the books in this way doesn’t help us earn enough $$ to keep writing for the readers we adore.

canterwood on craigslist


So, as a token of sharing, I posted the first chapter of TAKE THE REINS for people to share on Wattpad if they wished. Any of you guys on that site? If so, friend me! 🙂


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