Charity Book Drive! Chapter books, MG & YA!

Hi, Author Friends!


I’m asking for your help!

In late February or March 2017, I’m going to be visiting the children’s wing of Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the hospital that treated my brother, Jason, for cancer and treats me for anxiety and depression.

I am going to be reading to the ~300 inpatient children and passing out books! Books that are not handed out will going to Vandy’s children’s library.

So . . . will you help me? Do you have signed or unsigned books to help fill my car when I go to the hospital? If you don’t have extra books, does your publisher? I’ll be asking mine if they’ll be willing to donate extra copies of my books to this worthy cause.

If you’re willing to donate books, please send them to this address:

Jess Ashley
PO Box 446
Dover, TN 37058

Or, email me at hartsforjess AT gmail DOT com if you have questions.

If you can pass this on to any friends, I’d greatly appreciate it! <3

Deadline for books: February 5, 2017

The End: Top 10 NaNoWriMo Prep Tips from a Published WriMo

Yaay! My new #nanowrimo prep guide is up now in the Kindle store! Coming soon in the Nook store. Link in my bio. Xoxo @nanowrimo


All right, people! Who’s doing NaNoWriMo 2016? If you are and you want some advice, I published a guide on Amazon last year! It’s full of tips and tricks that helped me hit 50,000 words in 30 days over 20 times! No, I didn’t do it every *November* but I did do it many, many times to help me write the Canterwood Crest novels or my other books.

So, if you’re either doing NaNoWriMo or are curious about how to speed write, maybe check out my guide. It’s easy to read and PLUS–it only costs . . . $1.99! 🙂

If you get it and like it, I hope you’ll leave a review! Thank you!

xoxo and happy Friday!

5 Rules to Break During NaNoWriMo

Hey, yo!

Here’s a video from 2014 that I filmed about NaNoWriMo. It’s my top 5 rules to “break” during NaNoWriMo. I plan to film new vlogs for 2016, but I want to post some throwback vids here too. Hope you enjoy and please share if you know of anyone who might find this helpful/interesting! 🙂


I’m jessicab_87 on NaNo if you want to friend me!


Cover copyright © 2016 Maggie Dana


edited by Jessica Burkhart and Natalie Keller Reinert 
Get in the holiday spirit with this Christmas themed set of short stories from some of your fave equestrian writers! Featuring Mara Dabrishus, Maggie Dana, Brittney Joy and more! Also, includes a NEW Canterwood Crest holiday short story from best-seller Jessica Burkhart. 
Coming soon from,, Kobo and iTunes. ALL proceeds benefit Old Friends–a Kentucky charity that cares for retired racehorses.
I’m SUPER excited to bring my Harts a BRAND NEW Canterwood story featuring . . . Sasha and . . . IT’S A SECRET! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You’ll have to read the anthology to find out! Hahaha! But oooooh, am I have fun writing it! *evil smirk*
Love you all!

Event! Nashville Public Library on 10/17


I’ve got a new gig this month, so come out and see me! 🙂

Here are the deets:

Nashville Public Library (Bellevue)

720 Baugh Road
Nashville, TN 37221
Branch Manager
Katherine Bryant
(615) 862-5854
When? October 17th (Monday) at 4:30pm
What? I’ll be speaking about writing my books (Canterwood Crest, Unicorn Magic, and Wild Hearts as well as doing a Q&A. If you have any of my books that you’d like me to sign, please bring them!)
What age group? All ages!
Cost? FREE!

Want signed books for Xmas?

Hey, Harts!

Just a friendly reminder that if you’d like your books signed (Canterwood Crest, Unicorn Magic, or Wild Hearts) for the holidays, now is the time to send them to me!

You can go here for the instructions on how to do that or look at what I’ve pasted below:

Want me to sign your book?

Carefully follow these instructions:

* Put the book and an envelope (unsealed! And do make sure this envelope is big enough to hold the book) with six stamps on it into another envelope with seven stamps on it.

* Address the envelope with seven stamps to me at the snail mail address below.

* Make sure you write your return address at the top of this envelope (the one with seven stamps), otherwise I won’t know where to mail back your book.

* Write “media mail” on the envelope w/seven stamps, just to make sure it gets to me.

* Send to: Jessica Burkhart

Jessica Burkhart
P.O. Box 446
Dover, TN 37058

Happy October!